Choose your dreams over your fears!

We do know that our childhood is full of new experiences and we try new things more than one time till we reach our dreams! We see how exciting life is and living it by trying it! Also when we are grown ups - we do know how to do things and how it's right but sometimes there is just misunderstanding or small mistakes and we are in bigger or smaller trouble, and the most important thing is to be quickly and quality back on track to reach the aim you dreamed about or where doing! We all know sometimes we have these bad days but without them we can't know the good ones! So, it's always safer when you know that everything you are doing - someone is on your back and will catch you if something happens! That's what we are doing!

Keep going!

We have created accident insurance to provide You with financial security and support for You and Your relatives in case of an unexpected bodily injury. We offer a wide range of insurance risks, so You can choose the option or package that best meets Your needs.

6 reasons


Insurance coverage is valid 24/7 worldwide
The insurance coverage is valid during sports clubs, active leisure, amateur sports, e.g. playing football or basketball, riding a bicycle or scooter, riding a motorcycle, skiing, running, and so on.
The insurance covers bone fractures and injuries to internal organs.
We reimburse the costs of treatment and rehabilitation.
The insurance covers the benefit for hospital stay.
The insurance covers injuries to ligaments, tendons and joints

Feel Safe!

with Balcia Accident Insurance!