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Love begins at home

The following property type is not insurable via e-commerce:

  • uninhabited (immovable property where you don't live at least 9 months per year)
  • with business activity run in it
  • with no permit for use
  • rented

If you wish to insure such property type, please contact our representative.

Property information

Please insert the last year of major repairs or the Year of Construction, when you repaired your property or it was built.

Square meters


Additional objects

Garage - type of Utility Building - separate Dwelling which is not intended for living.

Utility Building – a separate Dwelling, which is not intended and for living (sauna, garage, basement, shed, workshop).


Square meters


Utility building

Square meters


Moveable property

Movable Property – used by You or Relative, movables which constitute Your or Relative’s property or are used by you on the basis of other legal grounds, which are located in the Apartment, House, Summer House or Utility Building or its fenced, closed area, provided that such property, according to its purpose, can be used and permanently kept outside.

Private Liability

We cover for Your or a Relative’s liability for property damage or personal injury done to a Third Party during the insurance period in the territory of Poland.